WP3 – Upscaling of thermal power production and optimized operation of EGS plants

The main objective of this work package is to improve the thermal power production and optimize its use in any EGS plants exploiting fractured crystalline geothermal reservoirs by minimising environmental issues.

D3.2 1D/2D DFN Model of boreholde fractures and hydraulic circulation simulations

D3.6 – Summary of petrophysical analysis

D3.9 – Hydro-thermal model using VSP analysis and colder reinjection tests

D3.10 – Summary of chemical and physical tests for colder reinjection


WP4 – Enhancing petroleum sedimentary basins for geothermal electricity and thermal power production

The main objective of the WP4 is to use existing oil producing wells to produce electricity and heat at a low unit cost by taking advantage of the existing wellbores.

D4.2 Mapping of potential heat end-users around Vermilion sites in France

D4.5 – Methodology and tool for an economic evaluation of end-offield life conversion


WP5 – Variscan Geothermal Reservoirs (Granitic and Metamorphic Rocks)

The main objective is to evaluate and demonstrate how the European Variscan basement can be characterized and enhanced for deep geothermal energy production.

D5.1 Review and selection of outcrop-analogues of the four Variscan reservoir types in regard to sample collection

D5.5 – Database of petrophysical and fluid physical properties and recommendations for model parametrization of the four Variscan reservoir types


WP6 – Demonstration of electricity and thermal power generation

The main objective of this work package is to develop a small-scale heat to power innovative product (ORC) to address a new market: low temperature and low flow geothermal sources for electricity production.

D6.4ORC users’s manual including installation procedure

D6.3 – 3x ORC units ready to be shipped

D6.5Summary of additional heat production capacities at the Soultz-Sous-Forêts site

D6.12 – Summary of Goettingen site optimization for integration of geothermal resources in the energy supply


WP7 – Economic and environmental assessment for EGS integration into energy system

The main objective of this work package is to enable investors to conduct comparative analyses of different energy technologies and choose one with the highest yield for the specific site to successfully determine usage of geothermal energy and integrate EGS into the electric and heat systems.

D7.1 Open Access Decision Support Tool for optimal usage of Geothermal Energy


WP8 – Communication, dissemination and exploitation

The first objective of this WP8 is to plan and monitor stakeholder mobilisation, communication on project aims and disseminate the results to the scientific and industrial communities and to wider audience. The second objective is to exploit MEET project results.

D8.1 Newsletter #1 – August 2018

D8.2 Newsletter #2 – October 2019

D8.3 – Newsletter #3 – October 2020

D8.5 – Project website

D8.6 – 1st Geothermal week school organisation in Cergy

D8.7 – 2nd Geothermal week school organisation in Cergy

D8.8 Technical Workshop Summary