MEET - Multi-sites EGS Demonstration

Welcome to the MEET Project website !

The MEET Project aims at boosting the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) across Europe in various geological contexts (sedimentary, volcanic, metamorphic and crystalline) by different means.

16 partners

The MEET project has 16 partners coming from 5 different countries

10% heat to power conversion efficiency improvment

MEET will demonstrate power production at low temperature by improving up to 10% the efficiency of heat to power conversion.

1 tool to replicate the technology

MEET will bring a decision making tool to target most promising sites for near future EGS capacity installation.

1,000 million tons of CO2 saved per year

The overall CO2 saving from geothermal electricity can be in around 1,000 million tons per year.



On June, 11th to 14th, MEET members were present at European Geothermal Congress in The Hague. In addition to the booth shared with other H2020 projects, several presentations and posters highlighted the objectives and first results of the project. ESG made a general presentation of the MEET project (Dalmais and al, 2019) ESG presented first…

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On May 2019, 21st to 23rd, MEET project held its 2nd general assembly in Zagreb. It was the opportunity to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the project! These two days allow the partners to exchange and share first project results as well as work in groups on different topics to further detail the next major…

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MEET Technical Workshop

The first MEET Technical Workshop will be held on October 23rd 2019 at the Palais des Congrès d’Acachon in France (near to Bordeaux). This technical workshop will be the time to present MEET achievement and exchange with experts and possible end-users on the first results of the project. It will be the opportunity to have feed-back…

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POSTDOCTORAL POSITION SEDIMENTOLOGY, ROCK PHYSICS AND MODELING FOR GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Transport properties in heterogeneous siliciclastic formations Geological Context Enhancing petroleum sedimentary systems for electricity and/or thermal production is a crucial progress for future developments in geothermal energy. The European research consortium MEET aims to investigate this feasibility in various geological contexts selected across Europe. The…

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