MEET - Multi-sites EGS Demonstration

Welcome to the MEET Project website !

The MEET Project aims at boosting the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) across Europe in various geological contexts (sedimentary, volcanic, metamorphic and crystalline) by different means.

16 partners

The MEET project has 16 partners coming from 5 different countries

10% heat to power conversion efficiency improvment

MEET will demonstrate power production at low temperature by improving up to 10% the efficiency of heat to power conversion.

1 tool to replicate the technology

MEET will bring a decision making tool to target most promising sites for near future EGS capacity installation.

1,000 million tons of CO2 saved per year

The overall CO2 saving from geothermal electricity can be in around 1,000 million tons per year.


Organic Rankine Cycle installation in Vermilion site (Chaunoy, France)

A part of MEET project consists in the the demonstration of electricity and thermal power generation from various geological contexts. Six demonstration sites were selected based on temperature, flow and geological environment. The first demonstration sites are Chaunoy (France, sedimentary geological context), Soultz-sous-Forêts (France, granitic geological context) and Reykjanes (Iceland, volcanic geological context).  On these…

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Göttingen demonstration site

The UGOE along with UEG are currently involved in the conversion of the University’s natural gas power plant that supplies the campus with heating, into a geothermal power station. To do this, we must first understand what the subsurface looks like at around 5000m depth, as this is where we expect to reach the target…

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