Ongoing PhD thesis

FORD, K., The characterization of the Clausthal Culm Fold Zone, W. Harz Mountains as an analogue for a structurally complex, meta-sedimentary unconventional geothermal reservoirAugust 2018 – August 2021, University of Göttingen

KLEE, J., Characterization of a geothermal reservoir analogue: Fractured granites of the Noble Hills Range, California, United States of America, October 2018 – October 2021, Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle

RAOS, S., Multi-criteria decision making for assessing geothermal energy utilization with emphasis on the EGS, November 2018 – 2022, University of Zagreb

TURAN, A., A Coupled THC Modelling Approach Based on Outcrop Analogue Studies and Borehole Data from the Variscan Crystalline Basement in Cornwall (UK): A Case Study for EGS, December 2018 – November 2021, University of Darmstadt



ARBARIM, R., Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modelling in Variscan Basement Rock, January 2019 – January 2022, University of Darmstadt (aborted)



NGUYEN TT., Mineralogical characterization of fractured zones in the Noble Hills as a surface analogous system of the Soultz-sous-Forêts granite, Master thesis, University of Poitiers (CY Cergy Paris University student)



HARDER, H., Digitale 3D-Geländeaufnahme variszischer Metasedimente im Harz hinsichtlich der Nutzbarkeit von TLS in der geothermischen Erkundung, Bachelor thesis, University of Göttingen

ZEUNER, M., Conceptual 3D-structure model of the Variscan “Culm Fold Zone” in the vicinity of the Okertal dam (Harz Mountains, Germany) in terms of geothermal reservoir developmentMaster thesis, University of Göttingen [German Language]


NB: For confidentiality reasons the documents are not fully available.