Ongoing PhD thesis

FORD, K., The characterization of the Clausthal Culm Fold Zone, W. Harz Mountains as an analogue for a structurally complex, meta-sedimentary unconventional geothermal reservoirAugust 2018 – August 2021, University of Göttingen

RAOS, S., Multi-criteria decision making for assessing geothermal energy utilization with emphasis on the EGS, November 2018 – 2022, University of Zagreb

TURAN, A., A Coupled THC Modelling Approach Based on Outcrop Analogue Studies and Borehole Data from the Variscan Crystalline Basement in Cornwall (UK): A Case Study for EGS, December 2018 – November 2021, University of Darmstadt



KLEE, J., Characterization of a geothermal reservoir analogue: Fractured granites of the Noble Hills Range, California, United States of America, October 2018 – October 2021, Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle. Defended in Beauvais, France, the 26th of novembre 2021

ABBAS A., Roadmap for heat production from EU main geological contexts, Master thesis, ES-Géothermie.

CHETTABI M., Petrographic characterization of a granitic analogue: Fluid inclusions study, Master thesis, UniLasalle

DECOSSIN F., Engineer school (Master 1 level), ES-Géothermie

ELFERZI A., Diagenetic and geochemical characterization of Triassic deposits of the Paris basin and Ardèche analogue, Master thesis, CYU

FREUNDT C., Analysis of the impact of hydrothermal alteration on the petrography, texture, geochemistry and petrophysics of the Cornubian Batholith (GB), Master thesis, University of Darmstadt

KECILI M., Direct P-wave traveltime analysis for Soultz OVSP data, Master 1 thesis, GIM-Labs

MUHL L., Analysis of permeability enhancement of granites by shear fracturing, Master thesis, University of Darmstadt

KUNAN P., Engineer school (Master 2 level), ES-Géothermie

SORRENRINELLA N., Geothermal heat exchanger corrosion, Master 1 thesis, ICI

SOUGOU S., Engineer school (Master 2 level), ES-Géothermie

STARK M., Analysis of permeability enhancement by hydraulical and chemical stimulation in the United Downs Deep Geothermal Project (Cornubian Batholith), Master thesis, University of Darmstadt



ARBARIM, R., Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Modelling in Variscan Basement Rock, January 2019 – January 2022, University of Darmstadt (aborted)

ATTALI R., Structural characterization of a granitic reservoir analogue based on photogrammetrical data, Bachelor thesis, UniLasalle

BAYOUA F., Pipeline integrity monitoring system, Master thesis, Febus Optics

CASANOVA L., Petrophysical Analysis of Geothermal Properties of Cornubian Granites, Bachelor thesis, University of Darmstadt.

CHERCHALI A., Late Triassic on the Ardèche margin: relationships between facies, diagenesis and petrophysical properties, Master thesis, CYU

DJAHANSOUZI A., Student assistant, TUDa

DOERKS J., Critical Compilation of Sustainable Energy Supply Concepts and their Integration into the University of Göttingen Campus, Master thesis, UGOE

EKINCI F., Student assistant, TUDa

HERING D., Student assistant, TUDa

KIRSCHSTEIN X., Student assistant, TUDa

LIPPOLD T., Vein formation in the Variscan slates and greywackes of the Upper Harz Mountains – an attempt of a macro- and microscopic characterization and interpretation, Bachelor thesis, UGOE

MANGOLD J., A Literature Review of the Mineralisation Phases throughout the Harz Mountains, Bachelor thesis, UGOE

MOUROUGANDY S., Ethanol porosity and magnetic susceptibility of basement rocks underneath the Paris basin, Mastère level, CYU

PAVLOVSKAIA E., Tectonometamorphic investigations of high strain cataclastic deformation zones in the Noble Hills range (California, USA), Master thesis, UniLasalle

POMART A., Characterization of the tectonic settings of an abandonned mine situated at the East of the Upper Rhine Graben border (Schauinsland), Master thesis, UniLasalle

SAIL K., Seismic wave modeling for qualitative understanding of Soultz OVSP data acquired in 2007, Master thesis, GIM-Labs

SCHULZ K., Analysis of permeability enhancement by chemical treatment in fractured granite (Cornubian Batholith), Master thesis, University of Darmstadt

SEGUIN F., Petrography of basement rocks underneath the Paris basin, Bachelor thesis, CYU



AISSANI F., Integration of well-log data in Petrel software for a deep geothermal project, Master 1, CYU

BUSLEY T., Student assistant, TUDa

CHERCHALI A., Measurement of petrophysical properties for the characterization of deep geothermal reservoirs in the Paris basin, Master 1, CYU

FERON R., FD modeling and fullwave inversion of seismic data in an elastic medium: transition 2.5D/3D management and 3D optimization, Master thesis, GIM-Labs

GÜNTHER S., GIS-based Evaluation of Deep Geothermal relevant Parameters for Variscan Reservoirs in Europe, Master thesis, UGOE

JOHN H., Analog und Digital: Analyse des unterkarbonischen Tonschiefer- und Grauwacken-Aufschlusses Jung-Steinbruch im Oberharz, Bachelor thesis, UGOE

KONIETZKO J., Eignung von terrestrischen Laserscanning und Photogrammetrie für die geologische Strukturanalyse von Grauwacke und Tonschiefer-Aufschlüssen des Rhenoherzynikums im Oberharz, Bachelor thesis, UGOE

NGUYEN TT., Mineralogical characterization of fractured zones in the Noble Hills as a surface analogous system of the Soultz-sous-Forêts granite, Master thesis, University of Poitiers (CY Cergy Paris University student)

OSAZUMA U., Calcimetry and He-pycnometry of basement rocks underneath the Paris basin, Engineer school – Mastère level, CYU

POMART A., 3D representation of the fracture network from an analogue to Soultz-sous-Forêts (Alsace, FRANCE) granitic geothermal reservoir based on realistic photogrammetric models of the Noble Hills (Death Valley, California, USA), Master 1 thesis, UniLasalle

REHMANN F., Geologische Strukturanalyse anhand eines multitemporalen 3D-Modells aus historischen und aktuellen Aufnahmen des Grauwacke-Steinbruchs Silbernaal im westlichen Oberharz, Bachelor thesis, UGOE

RUSCHINSKI J., GIS-based Analysis of Geological datasets for the Characterization of the Deeper Subsurface of Southern Lower Saxony, Master thesis, UGOE

TOUATI I., Calcimetry of basement rocks underneath the Paris basin, Engineer school – Mastère level, CYU



HARDER, H., Digitale 3D-Geländeaufnahme variszischer Metasedimente im Harz hinsichtlich der Nutzbarkeit von TLS in der geothermischen Erkundung, Bachelor thesis, University of Göttingen

MARGUERET S., 3D structural modeling of Cergy-Pontoise and characterization of Triassic formations for the evaluation of geothermal resource, Engineer school – Master 2 level, CYU

ZEUNER, M., Conceptual 3D-structure model of the Variscan “Culm Fold Zone” in the vicinity of the Okertal dam (Harz Mountains, Germany) in terms of geothermal reservoir developmentMaster thesis, University of Göttingen [German Language]


NB: For confidentiality reasons the documents are not fully available.