Mobile ORC demonstration

Oil & Geothermal coproduction

Name: CNY40 ORC turbine project
Location: Chaunoy oil field, Paris (FR)
Project status: test in May 2019
Owner: Vermilion Energy
Operator: Vermilion Energy
MEET Partner in contact with site: Vermilion Energy

Key figures
Petroleum well on production since 1984, it is currenly producing some oil together with 500 m3/d of water at 90°C

The Chaunoy field is located South East of Paris is a “mature” oil field producing more than 95% water from 32 wells. Hot water is currently reinjected in the oil reservoir for pressure support.

Within MEET the Chaunoy field will be a demonstration site for ENOGIA’s low temperature electricity turbine.

Aerial view of Chaunoy facilities located in Saint-Méry.

Chaunoy oil field is located 2200 m deep in the Paris sedimentary basin. The 70 m thick flow unit consists of high-permeability fluviatile sandstone units interbedded with shales, of Triassic age.

Fluid temperature downhole is 100°C at 231 bar.

Chaunoy structural map

A 20 kW turbine designed by ENOGIA is expected to convert heat into electricity at the wellhead of the oil/water producing well; then the colder water is reinjected down into a separate injector well.
The ORC will be installed next to the petroleum well on a mobile carrier.

ENOGIA's ORC turbine