Profile & expertise

The ‘Universitätsenergie Göttingen GmbH (UEG)’ was found in 2009 and is a subsidiary of the University of Göttingen Public Law Foundation. Object of the company is the energy supply and service for the operation of the University and the University Medical Center of Göttingen for research, teaching, health care, services for the public health care, education and training as well as for technology transfer. The energy supply comprises electrical power, natural gas, heat and cooling energy, water and other useful energies as lightning and motive power. Business purposes also comprise the construction and operation of infrastructure facilities, district heating, power grids, energy generation plants, and emergency power systems.


Role in the Project

In respect to MEET-project, one of the main objectives of the ‘Universitätsenergie Göttingen GmbH (UEG)’ is the substitution of the natural gas used in the company’s owned combined heat and power plant by deep geothermal energy and to retrofit the system for the integration of geothermal energy.

UEG (supported by UGOE) will be responsible for the characterisation of the different geothermal reservoir types and the demonstration site of the transition from the conventional to an EGS-based energy supply system.  

Dr. Bernd Leiss is the scientific project developer and coordinator of the “Geothermal energy project” of the UEG. He is an international renowned structural geologist with a strong material science-related background with project engagements also at international Universities, research centres and in field work campaigns mainly in California/USA, Hongkong, Russia and Namibia. Bernd Leiss is also a permanent staff member of the Department of Structural Geology & Geodynamics, Geoscience Centre of the University of Göttingen, teaching not only field geology and microtectonics, but also geogenically developed energy sources including geothermal energy.