Mobile ORC demonstration

Lab Work

Name: Krauma geothermal baths
Location: Deildartunguhver, Iceland
Project status: In exploitation
Owner: Krauma ehf.
Operator: Krauma ehf.
MEET Partner in contact with site: ICI

Key figures
Number of wells: 2, in addition to natural hot spring flow.
Year of comissionning: The Deildartunguhver hot spring has been used since Iceland was settled.
Production temperature, flow rate: 100°C, 180 l/s
Potential capacity added by MEET: 40 kW of electricity production

Deildartunguhver is the most powerful natural hot spring in Europe. Before industralization it was used for washing clothes. Now it is used to generate hot water for district heating, greenhouses and recently geothermal baths, Krauma.

In MEET, a 40 kW ORC unit will be demonstrated at Krauma. This will allow Krauma to generate their own elecricity as well as to cool down the water in their baths which normally is done using cold water.

Deildartunguhver hot spring

References: , Arnaldur Indriðason. 1981, 26. July. Virkjun stærsta hvers Evrópu og 66 km hitaveitulögn frá Deildartungu um Borgarfjörð. Morgunblaðið, p. 22-23.
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The geothermal water which rises in southern Borgarfjörður originates from Arnarvatnsheiði in northern Iceland. From there it travels underground, heats up and then rises up through the active fault cracks. The area is described as a low-temperature geothermal area as it lies on the border of the main volcanic areas in Iceland that are situated on the mid-atlantic ridge.

Geothermal overview of Iceland, Deildartunguhver is marked in green

References: Snæbjörn Guðmundsson. „Hver er saga Deildartunguhvers?“ Vísindavefurinn, 19. October 2016. Visited 14. May 2020.
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Currently, the hot geothermal water coming from Deildartunguhver is used for heating purposes for nearby municipitalities as well as nearby greenhouses and Krauma geothermal baths. In MEET, a 40kW ORC unit will be used to generate electricity for the Krauma geothermal bath facilities. By cooling down the hot water using the ORC on the water’s way to the pools, a considerable amount of cold water can be saved. Thus a more environmental-friendly and sustainable way of operation will be realized for Krauma.

Krauma geothermal baths

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