The company

ENOGIA, created in 2009 by three engineers, is specialized in the development of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) micro power plants that valorise waste heat by converting it into electrical power. ENOGIA benefits from the label “Young innovative company” of the French Ministry of research since 2010.

ENOGIA henceforth includes 25 engineers and technicians of high levels and already has more than 45 references in 13 countries of small ORC units mainly in biogas and biomass markets.

Role in the Project

ENOGIA in MEET will develop the solution for low temperature heat-to-power conversion by optimizing ORC modules for geothermal using and then demonstrate in different geological settings.

After completing his master’s degree of engineering at Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Arthur Leroux (CEO) worked as a control systems engineer, then as aproject manager at the engineering firm Bertin Technologies, subsidiary of CNIM group.

Arthur is in charge of developing new products and markets, managing partnerships and relationships with our clients, labs and subcontractors.


Graduating in Solar Energy Research in 2011 André-Charles Mintsa continued his studies and obtained the Euro-Mediterranean diploma and sustainable development.

He joined ENOGIA in August 2013 as a project manager to manage different projects such as: Energy efficiency of the trains via the heat recovery of the exhaust gases by Rankine Cycle, installation of an ORC on Solar Collector in Brazil (UNIFEI), in Greece (University of Thrace) and in France (PROMES-CNRS). André is also involved as Project Manager in another H2020 EU project named Innova MicroSolar, this project focus on Innovative Micro Solar Heat and Power sytem for Domestic and Small Business buildings.

Andre Charles Mintsa

Engineer from the School of Mines of Albi, after a first job in the field of building thermal efficiency Gaël Leveque then passed successfully a doctorate with the prestigious french solar laboratory PROMES-CNRS. The main subjects studied were linked with high temperature energy conversion with a large part of experimental work. Following the latter, a post-doctorate contract with the Swiss Laboratory of Renewable Energy Science and Engineering (LRESE) at the renown EPFL engineering university allowed to strenghten and broaden his expertise in the energy conversion field. The will to apply his more academic approach and rigour to the industrial world brought him to ENOGIA were he now is in charge of the Research and Developments subjects.

Gael Leveque

After obtaining her diploma in communication and an European diploma in Marketing, Emilie Renaud was able to apply her knowledge and skills within the communication cell of the Air Force. After different short time contracts, she entered PSA group to develop digital communication, press relations, community management and communication campaigns.

Since 2016, Emilie is communication manager at Enogia and her main missions are organizing events, community management, creation of communication supports, communication strategy, press relations and many other aspects.

Emilie Renaud