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Name: Svartsengi
Location: Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland
Project status: In exploitation
Owner: HS Orka hf.
Operator: HS Orka hf.
MEET Partner in contact with site: ICI

Key figures
Number of wells, drilling year: 24 (13 active), 1976-2018
Year of comissionning: 1976
Production temperature, flow rate: 235°C, 326-373 kg/s
Installed capacity (thermal ou electric power): 190 MWth, 75 MWe
Capacity in term of housing unit equivalent and CO2 avoided: 21,000 Households, 1520 Mtpa
Potential capacity added by MEET: 40 kW(not really applicable, consider removing line)

The Svartsengi Power Station, built in 1976, was the first geothermal power plant for both district heating and power generation. Located in the south-west part of Iceland, it is a saline and volcanic geothermal site.

The Svartsengi site will be used both as an ORC demonstration site and a material testing site within MEET.

The Svartsengi power plant

To know more

Thorhallson, S., 1979: Combined generation of heat and electricity from a geothermal brine at Svartsengi in SW-Iceland. Geothermal council transaction, 3, 733-736. DiPippo, 2016, Overview of geothermal energy conversion systems. Geothermal power generation.
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Iceland is situated on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, on the boundaries of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Svartsengi is on the Reykjanes Peninsula, the youngest part of Iceland, on an active volcanic zone. The Svartsengi reservoir system is a seawater-recharged hydrothermal system. Over 30 wells have been drilled at the site. While most have a depth of 1.5-3 km the deepest well, IDDP-2 reaches a depth of 4.65 km.

High temperature areas on the Reykjanes peninsula

To know more

Egilsson, K. (editor), The nature of the southern Reykjanes Peninsula. Náttúrufræðistofnun Íslands, Reykjavík, 13-22. Méndzes, Nestor R.R., 1996: Borehole Geometry and Hydrothermal Alteration of Well SV-14, Svartsengi, SW-Iceland, The United Nations University, Geothermal Training Programme, Report 1996, Number 15.

The geothermal brine supply at Svartsengi Power Plant will be used to validate the output of the ORC system. The Svartsengi area is a high temperature area and thus not the main target customer for the MEET project. Testing in this area does nonetheless provide useful information for more demanding environments.